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domain features

Automated Control Panel

You are easily able to manage where you want to point you domain to and Forward all mail to your preferred Email Address.

Phone & Email Support

24/7 Support for all your questions and concerns about domain names!

Domain DNS Management

Get full management privileges to your Domain Name for free!


Every domain signup gets a free personalized email address included!

Whois Management

View and edit your domian whois information instally from your client area.

Name Server Control

With our easy NS (Name server) management you are able to seemlesly change where your domain name is pointed!

Domain Locking

Protect your domain from being transfered without your permission for free!


Protect your personal information for only $5 more a year!

Domain1 YearRenewTransfer
.ca$20.00$20.00$20.00Buy Now
.com$16.08$16.08$16.08Buy Now
.net$22.08$22.08$22.08Buy Now
.org$22.08$22.08$22.08Buy Now
.vip$21.95$21.95$21.95Buy Now

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