Quick Start Guide

If you have not yet set up an email account in Apple Mail:
  • Open Mail.

  • Select Other email account....
If you have already set up an email account in Apple Mail:
  • Open Mail and click Mail > Add Account ... on the menu bar.

  • Select Other Mail Account ....

Use the following settings/information to set up your email account:

Name The name displayed on outgoing emails
Email address The full email address you want to set up in Apple Mail. For example: [email protected]
Username The email address you used above. For example: [email protected]
Password The password you have set for your email address.
Account Type IMAP
Server for incoming emails imap.emailpnl.com
IMAP port, SSL active 993
Server for outgoing emails smtp.emailpnl.com
SMTP port, SSL active 465 / 587
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