Are you wearing all the hats at your business?

Owner, sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, administrator, social media manager, master buyer…is, vitae!

Community Marketing Initiatives offers a complete marketing solution that is well planned and executed, with measurable results. Helping keep your business rooted in your community!

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aboutour Services

  • A complete investigation researching and analyzing competitors and trends for your industry. Including a SWOT that will help you identify new opportunities for brand awareness and help with planning your company’s future.

  • Ensure all branding is consistent for social media, website, and sales collateral (including branded promotional items). Planning a special event for your organization? Events and media relations are also services provided for branding.

  • Guiding the complete process from concept and design through the development and implementation of your event; including event marketing support and social media.

    Promotional launches, Grand Openings, Customer Appreciation Events, Recruiting Events, Charity Fundraisers and Annual Conferences, Golf Tournaments and more…

  • Real Estate is a fast-paced, highly competitive market. The quicker your clients (and potential ones) can see and interact with you and your brand…the quicker the sale!

    Having a website that interacts socially with your listings is essential. We can help you with any template or platform. Specialists in Real Web Solutions platforms, including REALIGN and custom WordPress builds.

    Bring your listing to life with our imaging company specializing in Video Walk-Through’s, Virtual Tours, Still imaging and 360 Video.

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